Run two instances of vlc on mac

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How to play multiple instances of VLC on Mac? Ask Question.

How do I force VLC to open new separate instance for new videos? Currently it's just replacing the existing one.

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I've the recent VLC 2. It's not supported on MacOS. You can use IINA instead: On the Mac, running multiple instances of VLC is not supported out of the box. As workaround, you can run it from command prompt as: Open Finder and find the video file of interest. Right click on the file assumes you have right click enabled.

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Choose "Get Info". Under "Open with: Click "Change All" button. This tip can also be used to play more than one movie or music file or any media at the same time. To be able to play more than one media file at a time, using the same app, we need to open more than one instance of the media player.

If you try double clicking on the app in Finder it will only open one copy.

VLC listed twice in "Open With" | MacRumors Forums

To get round this we are going to use Terminal and force it to open more than one version. If you have your apps stored in a different location, all you have to do in Terminal is type open -n and then drag and drop your app onto the Terminal window. Simply repeat the command for every instance of the app you want open. If you need two media players, use the command twice. For quickly repeating previous commands in Terminal, press the up arrow to load in the previous command. The final step is to load the file which you do the normal method. You have to keep track of which app you are using as there will be two or more instances of the app in the dock.

You can now play the files at the same time, in different or the same screen all day long. Useful if you Mac is connected to a media outlet in a shop or other venue. If you want the media you have selected to start playing at the same time in each instance, or you want to automatically load a play list, you can do this in Terminal as well. You can also load the file to play from Terminal using the same method.

VLC listed twice in "Open With"

Simply type the following:. The -n option loads the app, and the -a option ensures the play list file is opened with the app you have selected and not the default app. The repetition of the open command is split between the semi colon, which is defined as a new command in Terminal.

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Simply select the file you want to play or the playlist you have created. Note that you can use the first half of the command to open VLC and play the file. What actually goes on is Terminal opens one instance and begins playing, then opens a second instance and then plays that file. If you find the path is too long to type, or has plenty of spaces, you can drag and drop the file onto the Terminal window to automatically load the file path.

How to Run Multiple Instances of VLC on OS X

Once the command has ran, you will have two copies open of VLC or Quicktime playing the movies or music file from You can repeat this command depending on how many instances you want open. It is worth noting that each instance you open takes up bandwidth to your hard drive.

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