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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. An external optical drive will allow you to access discs on your Mac. You can leave a drive like this on your desk at home or take with you in your laptop bag. Apple also provides free remote disc server software for Windows PCs. As long as you have another computer with an optical drive on your network, you can use its optical drive from your Mac.

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Important Note: Their stuff is just less and less useful for me and more and more prohibitive. Might not be a problem when you live in a country US where you can download films. Most of us do not have that opportunity due to licenses, eg iTunesStore offers different things. Absolutely right! I'm not from the U.

Option 1: Get an External Drive

Nevertheless, I can buy all my applications, games and music online, even though the movies and TV series are slow in coming. The optical drive age ends when it ends. I have not seen films for sale on USB drives. It is not the job of Apple or other computer developers to dictate when a specific media is obsolete. A lot of my teachers require us turning our assignments in form of CDs. This alone will prevent us from choosing Air or any other optical drive-less laptop as our main machines.

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I find it somewhat ironic that in an article saying the macbook doesn't need an optical drive, two of the options are "Use one that does have a drive" and one is "Buy a drive". I'll admit that I only use my drive for playing movies and occasionally installing an OS, but I have a large number of movies. It's easier to keep them as disks for now since I don't have a media server to store them on. Yeah, I have a PC with a disk drive but I only ever use it for installing linux or reinstalling windows, which are not required on a Mac, everything else is digital.

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Except 3. That's a big assumption. Though it is indeed more convenient, hard disk drives ssds less likely so will fail due to the mechanical moving parts. Also, online backups and storage can go so far and are far more expensive for the equivalent amount of storage you want to get.

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The prices I have mentioned may not be accurate as at latest but they give a proper picture. I agree, most content that I have is downloaded now: Optical drives on console's though Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Again, I have to buy extra stuff. Even if it was, I don't want to buy it again online. Some of the initial notebooks with those drives were not only big but also required high-end hardware that ballooned costs.

Apple's plan to wipe out disc drives is nearly complete - CNET

Since the Air, ditching optical drives has led to slimmer and svelter devices all around. Last year's iMac redesign was one of the most dramatic. By removing the drive and using new manufacturing technology, the once boxy machine was cut down by 40 percent. Its sides were tapered down into a 5mm edge, which is close to the thinnest part of the newest MacBook Air. The same goes with the new Mac Pro, which Apple says is one eighth the volume of the previous generation. That change was not just the optical drive but changes to other components as well, like moving from hard drives to flash storage, and a redesigned cooling system that pulls air through a hollowed out central core.

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Like the original Air, all that comes at a price. The new Mac Pro is indicative of a direction Apple started back in but never quite perfected, which is offering future expandability on its nearly tinker-proof notebooks. That's not a new thing for computing, but it's been limited somewhat by the ports Apple's gone with. Many, like Firewire and ExpressCard were offered up only on the higher end products, and phased out of the consumer machines. That consolidated ports to the point where Apple made a sister product -- its now languishing Thunderbolt Display -- that requires only one jack on a computer to supply it with an Internet connection, USB, and visual information.

Apple No Longer Sells a Mac With a CD Drive

The only thing missing is enough power to run the computer, something that could change with future chips, and versions of Thunderbolt. The next generation of the technology, Thunderbolt 2, is now starting to make its way into the Mac Pro and MacBook Pros, and promises even faster speeds. So as the disc drive has disappeared, Thunderbolt has flourished among Macs.

PC makers, however, have opted for USB 3. In hindsight, it seems painfully obvious that trimming drives, and thus size, would help other parts of Apple's business.

How to force eject a disc from your Mac

Between making both its gadgets and its packaging smaller, the company can get more product to places in one shipment. For something like the iPhone which, to be fair, never had a disc drive , that's resulted in a 60 percent increase in the number of boxes Apple can ship versus the one it made in