Bluetooth usb adapter for mac g5

The box and the manual assures me that it will work with Mac OS X I also got an Apple Wireless Keyboard; not the minimalist sexy one; but a white rectangular one.

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But I can't find any manual for it. When I try to send a file it says file unknown type. When I try to browse device it says service not supported.

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Loading page content. Click on the images to enlarge. Ok, any owner of a G5 that haven't opened it up yet? If so, pull out the lock-handle on the back of the computer. Flip out the side panel from the top, and remove it. Then grab the plastic panel in its handle, top of the panel, dead center. Pull it out and remove it. Now you'll have full access to your G5's internals. Be careful when removing, so that you don't pull the wires too much.

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You need to gently disconnect the two wire-sets going from the speaker and fan on too the motherboard. If it seems stuck, don't use force, gently try helping it out from underneath, where it's attatched to the metal case divider. In order to make this guide, I also removed the modem, just to show you where everything is.

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If you, as me, don't have the Airport Extreme card in your G5, you'll see two antenna cables hanging underneath the metal case divider. Any suggestions or ideas? And the Broadcom chip is well recognized in System informations. Tried again to install the kext from my desktop. Update 2: Start up after trying to installe kext file: Mouse anymore, until another solution: Last for today: Means that it should be recognized?? On SnowLeopard MacPro 4. On Mavericks MacPro 4. Did I miss something here? I am running a Mac Book Pro late with Yosemite. Any help from anyone? Was your onboard Bluetooth working before?

Which USB dongle are you using? Hi Ken, great stuff. But, there are a ton listed. You can probably try to edit this one: Could you specify which one? There are Sierra As for the Vendor ID, 0x0a5c is in integer. What to do next? I have Mac Mini Mid. But I have 2 problems: But with the dongle the Magic Trackpad 2 connect for a momment, but then the connection was lost and I was no able to move the mouse pointer. I was doing something wrong or the Magic Trackpad 2 was no able to work with Lion and Mac Mini of ? Thanks for your post. I follow this steps and I was able to configure USB dongle, and I can connect the trackpad with the internal bluetooth of my Mac Mini of or with the dongle but the problem is that my Magic Trackpad 2 works equals between the two modes with or without the dongle: Are there any additional step or any way to configure a Magic Trackpad 2 in a Mac Mini of with Lion Any idea about how to get the drivers of the Trackpad 2 from The Capitan and use in Lion?

Is it possible to change any kext or something to emulate the Trackpad 2 as Trackpad 1? Try the one from my dropbox.

Any idea how I could get this dongle working on my iMac running Any help would be great! Hi Ken, I also have a Macbook Pro mid Any idea if using the IOGear still works? Do you still need to install a a patch, or will it work out of the box? Is there any way to activate it? I am looking for a dongle to implement bluetooth 4. Apparently all the dongle i ve bought and tried were only supporting windows and not mac systems. Could anyone help me with this?

USB bluetooth vs the Apple module for the Power Mac G5

Do you think it will work on my macbook pro? Hi again Ken! I assumed that having bluetooth 4. Any idea for this?

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Need help with power mac g5 wireless networking

These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Using unsupported Bluetooth 4. Share this:. Bluetooth Version. Use Spotlight to quickly open the Bluetooth Explorer. Activate the Bluetooth device of your choice! July 7, at 9: Ken Ng says: MarkB says: July 17, at 5: July 17, at 9: Falcon says: August 29, at 3: August 30, at September 2, at 6: September 6, at 2: September 12, at September 12, at 2: September 20, at September 27, at 3: Noah says: December 7, at 2: December 11, at JuPe says: December 15, at 2: December 15, at 3: December 15, at Daniel says: January 1, at 7: January 4, at 2: Stevo Steverino says: January 6, at 3: January 6, at January 7, at 4: January 10, at 3: January 10, at 9: Bilal says: February 21, at 7: February 21, at 8: David says: March 7, at 8: March 8, at Nathan White says: March 12, at 7: March 12, at 8: Humane Animalus says: April 8, at April 15, at 5: April 15, at 6: GNT says: April 30, at Chris Dunn says: September 27, at 9: September 28, at Christian Lyra says: October 29, at JD says: November 6, at 7: November 7, at 9: November 7, at 6: December 5, at 7: December 5, at Ben says: December 20, at December 20, at 2: December 20, at 4: December 20, at 5: December 21, at 2: December 25, at Salvatore says: December 25, at 2: December 26, at 7: December 30, at January 5, at January 5, at 2: January 5, at 3: January 11, at Rich says: January 14, at 7: Bill says: January 26, at January 29, at 8: GadgetComa gadgetcoma says: January 31, at 5: February 8, at 4: Nacho says: February 14, at Tom says: March 10, at Peter says: May 12, at 4: Andrew Minatelli says: May 21, at 3: May 30, at May 31, at 1: June 5, at 4: Baconbitz says: June 6, at 6: June 11, at 5: June 11, at 3: Sascha Reichert says: June 19, at June 19, at 8: Michael Horton says: June 25, at 6: Bo De says: June 28, at 6: June 28, at June 28, at 3: June 30, at 4: Ryan says: July 30, at Duane Fields says: August 5, at 9: August 19, at 1: August 19, at 3: Andy says: August 24, at 8: QueMellow says: August 25, at 5: Steve says: September 5, at 6: TheReservoirBlog says: September 7, at 3: Eric says: September 9, at September 12, at 4: Eusebio says: October 3, at October 8, at 6: October 21, at 5: Aaron Carey says: October 21, at 6: October 23, at 2: Sachin says: November 5, at 8: November 8, at 8: November 10, at 6: November 10, at 7: November 14, at 4: November 15, at 6: November 18, at 4: Luis says: