Connect to my mac remotely with vnc

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Connecting to the built-in Mac VNC server from Windows | Object Partners

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Got it. Download VNC Server 6.

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VNC® Connect consists of VNC® Server and VNC® Viewer

How do I license the software? Can I download an older version? How do I connect? Start with the FAQ. PKG DMG Connecting to a Mac from a Windows PC is a little different. Just like with Windows, you first have to set up your Mac for screen sharing. Then enter a simple password.

The best remote access solution for Mac and iOS

The VNC Viewer comes as a standalone executable. You do not need to install it.

How to remotely connect and control your Apple Mac - using VNC - VIDEO TUTORIAL

Simply double-click to start the application. An authentication box will appear where you will need to enter the simple password you created in the Sharing preferences on your Mac. Once logged in, your Mac desktop will now appear in the VNC Viewer window in the same state as you left it.

If you mouse to the top-middle of the window, you can spawn extra controls, which when you hover will give you a tooltip explaining what each one does.

Connecting to a Mac from a Windows PC

On the Mac side of things, a Screen Sharing icon will appear in the menu bar. There are ways to do this with a Mac as well as Windows machines. We encourage you to check out those articles for more information on how to remotely connect to your machines at home.