Mac f12 key not working

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  • #1: Inversed media keys.

How to Access the Onscreen Keyboard. Contact Us. Give us a call Close X You can reach us at: US Canada: Submit a help ticket. Ask the community. Welcome to LogMeIn Support! Search the Knowledge Base Reset Search. Narrow Your Search. Why do the function keys not work when I remote control from a Mac? Printable View. Answer When you are sitting at a Mac computer, the function keys F1, F2, etc , perform special actions, like volume control or window management.

Is this article helpful? Feedback Please tell us how we can make this article more useful. I am using the internal keyboard on my MBP. The other keyboard that I use is a Mac keyboard. I don't think this will work.

Change an Option in the BIOS or UEFI Settings

Good try though. I hate to trash my computer because of this. Seems petty but I do use those functions and now i cannot adjust my screen brightness either which is a real pain in the neck. So unless someone can come up with some more choices I may not have any choice but to do that. The latest in the volume saga. This morning I booted into Super Dooper and everything works perfectly normal. I had just updated Super Duper prior to adding the AV software.

The screen dimming function works as well using the F keys. So it seems to me the best course of action is to do a Time Machine back up and then restore the whole drive from my Super Dooper back up. Does this make sense? And of prime importance can someone walk me through the correct procedure for restoring from a Super Dooper backup using an external firewire drive?

#2: The language bar

That would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Final Chapter to this saga. I can express the need to have a good solid backup routine. I dug out the Super Duper paperwork that I had previously printed and looked up how to do a complete restore. Very simple by the way.

Toggle Fn Lock

I did the complete restore using the smart update feature and now my computer is back to normal. All functions work as they were designed to do. All F keys work like they are supposed to. I lost zero data through this trial. Lessons learned: I will always use the Sandbox that I created when making any changes to my system. I got lazy and decided it was not worth the effort.

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Guess what everyone it is. I don't think backing up Super Duper once per week is enough, at least in my case. I use this as a business and pleasure system so frequent backup is a necessity. I try to backup at least several times per week and always when a software update is received. I will back up ever more now. To Super Duper plus the normal Time Machine back up.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Enable Function Keys in Boot Camp - Stenograph Solution Center

I didn't need to mess with the Antivirus software. I have it installed, Norton, and it works just fine with minimal overhead. The new stuff is pretty awesome. It's not like the old bloatware with huge overhead. But alas I was trying to reduce it. The cause of the problem was deleting Norton, I think I did it correctly. I'm leaving it like it is.

So if it works don't mess with it. I'm not certain which operation caused the problem. The removal of Norton or the installation of the other. Thanks to those that tried to help me on this.

I appreciate it. It may seem like a petty thing but when your system does not work as it's designed, no matter how insignificant, it's something you just have to fix. Sorry for the long winded post. We can consider this issue closed. Thanks for the report, but I wish you had mentioned that you had Norton earlier. Uninstalling it is VERY tricky and you were probably unsuccessful in fully uninstalling it, meaning ClamAV would conflict since they are trying to do the same thing. That was almost certainly the root of the issue. Further Update. I have a further update. I decided to take out Norton and a couple other programs.

I used the "Sandbox" to remove the Norton antivirus. I was able to do so successfully. All functions of the computer work as they are supposed to. I also uninstalled Evernote which again due to lack of use did not justify being loaded. Log me in was a bit of a trick and took some trial and error to find the uninstall routine that is available in the program. But I did all this in the Sandbox and was able to "figure" it all out before going to my main system. I then when to my main system and uninstalled Norton and the others the same way I did in the Sandbox with complete success.