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If you are using the evaluation version, ignore this dialog box and wait for the process scene to finish to continue to evaluate. V2 Plus menu. Before you render your first SketchUp model, get familiar with the Options dialog box and the various settings that are controlled there. We also recommend that you render a sample model from the SU Podium V2 models page as a way to test Podium.

To introduce yourself to V2's rendering process, do a quick render of your model.

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First click on the Options menu from the pull down or the tool bar. In the preset pull down list, pick Default.

This preset is not the best but is the easiest to start with. In the Output tab, under Dimensions, pick a Fixed size or the default Viewport size for the rendered image size. Click the OK button. Then pick the Render menu from the pull-down or tool bar. A series of sequences will happen after clicking on the Render icon or menu. If this is your first render, you will be prompted to Activate your license. Ignore the License Activation dialog box if you are using the trial version. If OOPR is not getting launched, please read here about possible problems.

The preview image displayed by the Podium Render Manager will be smaller than the final rendered image.

Download SU Podium V for SketchUp

The final rendered image will be saved to the folder containing your SketchUp model unless you manually choose an alternate save location. Please read about this in the Options section. Click on this link to go to the SU Podium V2 models page. You can do download several render-ready SketchUp models to test results. Please take a moment and read through the Installation chapter if you are having difficulty with the install. If you are having trouble finding your serial number, please take a look at the FAQ section of this web site. There is a detailed description of how to find your serial number.

In addition, you can get support from the following areas:. This will link to a web page which will display the version number. Another option is to use the Information Bar that gets attached to a rendered image.

Download Newest

You will need to turn on the information bar and render something to see the version number you are running. Please look at this check list of items that will help in supporting your SU Podium installation. SU Podium V2. Info on SU Intro and Download 2. Install, Troubleshoot, Uninstall 3.

VRAY 3.4 instal on C4D OX - MAC - 2018

Activate License 4. Render process and getting started 5. Download and samples to test 6. Where to get Support 7. What version do I have? Check List to help Support. Options Menu 1. Presets 2. Resolution, formats, save 3. Panorama VR 4. Transparent 5. Environment settings Apply Material Properties Lights 1. Sky Light, Sun Light 2. Podium Image Editor 2. Generate 3.

Tools to Analyse 4. Render Manager 5.

Main Navigation Menu

About Other Features and plugins 1. Podium Browser 2. Preset Editor 3. Omni Grid V2 4.

Render script 5. RenderAll scenes 6. Podium Styles 7. EditInPlace 9. What's the difference between V2Plus and V2? How can you tell what SU Podium version I am using?

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Installing or Upgrading to V2 Plus a. For SketchUp 8 Windows Mac b. For SU Mac Only c. For SketchUp Windows Mac c. For SketchUp Windows Mac d. Trouble shooting e. Uninstall The install process is straightforward and in most cases will require no input from the user. Please read this Windows uninstall page carefully.

Please read this Mac uninstall page carefully. This install file only works on SketchUp 8. Completely quit SketchUp before starting the install program. Double click on the. This will unzip the install file into a. Make sure you unzip or unpack using the MacIntosh Archive tool.

Do not use WinZIP. Double click on the install package file to start the installation. Make sure you choose Install for All Users of this computer, if prompted. After installation is completed, Open SketchUp. Unidentified Developer" message? Click here. The mac-uninstall programs that Cadalog has created for Mac users will not work if you have installed using Install for Me because SU Podium will be installed in a different location.

Please read here how to uninstall in this case. Rare case - Mac Install Failed! Click here for the solution. SketchUp 8, Mac Yosemite users. If you were using V2. Please read here. You must uninstall V2 before installing V2 Plus. Install for SketchUp Mac This install file only works on SketchUp Open SketchUp Mac Install Failed!

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