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A demo that shows what field trips could be like in the full version of Baldi's Basics! Bendy and the Ink Machine: Joey Drew Studios. Capsule is a single-player survival game played entirely through a radar interface. The Labyrinthine Night. Intended for entry into No Excuses Game Jam 1. Find your family and escape the Night!

EnMod Games. Control Room. Now multiplayer. Seven Photos: All you have are 7 photos to solve a murder. Play in browser.

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A short first-person horror game running on your game boy. Hunt down and kill the werewolf, before he does the same to you!

Uncle Yobo. Win The Game.

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Happy Backwards. Survive the depths and horros that lurk below. Team Craft online. How many can survive a night in the house of Drew? Rodrigo Rojas-Ferrer. Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa Demo. A desolate planet.

Download Horror Game for Mac - Best Software & Apps

A simple mission. How could things go so wrong? VHS era, low poly slasher. PS1 style survival horror. Puppet Combo.

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Eggs for Bart. Can you survive a yandere? Half - Horrorgame. Wither Studios. You are powerless in a terrifying mysterious place filled with monsters. M dot Strange. Prefer something atmospheric and eerie, albeit with the occasional well-timed jump-scare? Well, we definitely have those covered, too.

Inside are 15 games you can play on a modern Mac, ranging from well-known titles like The Walking Dead and Doom 3 to indie favorites like Devil Daggers and Layers of Fear. Whatever you chose, these games are all designed to shock and startle. What makes the game so special, besides its complete focus on team play, is the AI Director 2.

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To make things all the more frantic and chaotic, of course. Isolation has atmosphere for days, but this Collection also has bonuses: The five-episode first season puts you in the shoes of Lee, a man with a mysterious past who teams up with a young girl, Clementine—and every decision and dialogue choice you make has consequences that echo throughout these five episodes and into the later seasons. It has a relatively low profile and was just released on Mac this summer, but the people who love it absolutely love it: Are you afraid of the dark?

And the ultimate payoff is pretty great, too. Slender Man is one weird, weird Internet artifact: That last bit is terrible, terrible stuff, but if you want to be scared stupid without anyone actually being hurt, play Slender: And then the screen will get fuzzy. And then you should definitely turn around and run if you want to survive. When the zombies rise and begin roaming the Earth, most games would have you shoot your way out of it. Even with more of a strategic sandbox edge, 7 Days to Die is plenty intense whether played in single-player or multiplayer modes. Even six years later, Amnesia: However, there are threats abound—both inside the location and within your mind, as well.

A Machine for Pigs. Much like Alien: Yes, the rumors are clearly true. Ah, to view the world from the eyes of a precious two-year-old. It sounds… well, it actually sounds kind of terrifying, no? The environments can look twisted and strange, and the creatures—or monsters —are unknown and terrifying, but at least you have a sentient stuffed bear to reassure you and light up when pressed. Not creepy enough for you?

Well, wait and see what happens when the lights are out. Train conductors probably deal with a lot of day-to-day stress, but this is next-level: All Slides. Frightening and fun. Left 4 Dead 2. Isolation - The Collection. The Walking Dead.