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And you will need this pay program relatively cheap, at least in terms of how much money you will save! Cookies Game Burner for Xbox The guy in the video conveniently forgets to tell you that you must also mod your xbox. I guess he want you to buy his burning software. Good video, although i'm not sure if this is to burn the games stealth of what, maybe you should include that. If you make another video about burning games please email the link to me at: I have seen other videos and I use ImgBurn , Ive had alot of errors so that why I started looking for another way of burning games Thank you for the video but the videos Ive seen, people use Imgburn and have their speed at 2.

I have done al you told. I can burn it, but if i put it in my xbox i get a screen with just the logo of xbox pls help my. I did what u said, and when i put the DVD dual layer in my x box i just get a white screen with the logo of x box. I learned about the way for burning the Xbox games from: I use the method recommended there to backup all my Xbox games.

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I agree with you. But the world is full of cheap people. They have the money to pay, they are just jews. Sad, and they are asking for the game burner for free too, soooo cheap!

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Dustin Blades. I noticed that while watching the video that the interface on the cookies game burner looked very familiar. And then it hit me, it looked like DVD Decrypter software. After further review it is indeed one in the same. I believe is this true i any one could clear this up I be greatfull thanks. And don't you also have to verify the games first, then patch them so that you won't get banned from Xbox live? If anyone knows the answer to this question, then please email me with your name and response to my question.

You will need to use these free programs: Have you tried bittorrent, like the video suggested? I did exactly what you did and my xbox won't play the game. Do i need to flash the xbox? Can u send me the cookies game burner file wud be appreciated thimesy hotmail. If you want it, buy it. On the old one however, the harddrive died, so I replaced it with a new one cheap Gb from AliExpress. For one, my Internet connection is horrendously slow , so downloading 34 games was not an option — I gave up after having it sit there, downloading content for more than 48 hours and quite often failing.

Yet another reason for me: All methods I have found online refer to a special cable you can purchase, or hooking up the drives to your PC. Or can it …? The only thing needed for this process is a USB drive or stick and of course access to a XBox or two. This method will not allow you to illegally copy DLC from a buddy to your XBox , and that is not the intended of this article any way. You will need to be using the same XBox Live account on the other XBox , otherwise you will have to transfer the license. So here I will describe how I copied content from one XBox to another.

Copied … not Moved! After copying the content, you will sometimes need to reactivate it, which is done automatically when you start the game. I actually tried it with a USB 3.

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Consider a large USB harddisk in case you have a lot of data and games. Copyright protection remains intact. So this is not a trick to illegally copy games!! Either deselect some of the content, or use a USB drive with more capacity.

Xbox 360 RIPPING. Macbook SuperDrive

Transferring the content will take a while, depending on how much data you have selected. For games this can be anywhere between a few Mb 25 Mb for the classic Doom game up to several Gb for modern games. If you only wanted to move content from one XBox to another, then you can skip this step.

In some cases you might need to enable your file browser Explorer, Finder, etc to see hidden files. Since there are many file browsers for the Linux platform, you might have to try Google to find what works for you. We will need these files later. The steps are the same as we did in step 1, however this time we start with the USB drive as the source, and select the harddrive of your XBox as the destination. For the backup option: I recommend formatting the USB stick in that case before you copy the files on it for the restore.

The steps are the same as we did in step 1 and 3, where the USB device is the source and the harddrive of your XBox the destination. If you did this to make a backup, then you now have your XBox files safe and secure on your computer. If you only wanted to move files, then they are now on the other XBox If you used to make a backup of your files, remember to execute steps 4, 5 and 6 to restore your files in the future.

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  • It's truly AwEsOmE to see that folks like our articles and small applications. There are 6 comments. You can read them below. You can post your own comments by using the form below , or reply to existing comments by using the "Reply" button. I have a cloning dock. I can put 2 drives in and they both come out the same. Would this method work?

    Also If the newer drive is bigger will the partition change? I have a WD black gb drive I want to use. I was just wondering what about for an xbox that has died. If I put my xbox live account on the new xbox, I will be able to download everything correct? I mean games and DLC, not save points or anything like that. If the old XBox is dead; this can be either the mainboard, power supply, or disk.