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Amongst, Video Converter for Mac is one of the most stable and comprehensive software for converting video files from one format into another. You can use its preset options that enables you to convert the video to a high quality format that will play just fine on a wide range of devices, along with plenty of advanced features for tweaks of the conversion settings.


To add items, click the "Add File" menu in the toolbar of the window. In the open dialog, select the MP4 movie files you wish to convert into. By clicking the "Edit" button in the toolbar, you'll get the video editing window where you can select filters for common tasks, such as cropping, watermarking, rotating, etc. After you have loaded MP4s, you'll move on to choose the output format and its conversion settings. In the lower left-hand corner of the main interface, click the "Profile" drop-down menu which will bring you into the format-selecting panel, as picture shown below. As you can see in the left pane of the window that comes up, there are a large number of profile columns you can choose from.

Or if your MP4 H. If you want to configure manually the MP4 conversion settings, assuming you're an experienced user, you can click the "settings" button that next to "Profile" menu to get into the profile settings window. This Mac MP4 to WMV converter application provides a group of options including encoder codec , frame rate fps , resolution size , bitrate kbps , sample rate hz , etc.

How to Convert WMV to MP4 Online?

For example, in Video Bitrate, adjust the value of bitrate would affect the size of the final video. Keep in mind that as the bitrate increases, so does the file size, and the conversion time would take a bit longer. For simplicity's sake, leave the settings at their default values unless you want to change the size, and quality of your video.

Please note that you can save the currently settings as a custom profile— just click the "Save as Then type a new unique name and click the OK button. The saved custom profile will be displayed in the list of the "User Defined" category, and you will be able to use it later on to apply the same settings to another video.

Aside from choosing a specific format you need, You may note that there are a great selection of device-targeted preset columns on the left pane. This is great if you want to convert movies so you can watch them on a mobile device—no wasting time selecting a format and tweak the conversion settings to be suitable for your device. AU Audio File. Audio Interchange File Format. Adaptive Multi-Rate.

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    Use for YouTube Video. The format is mainly used for storing video files on Windows devices. So if you want to play WMV files not only on Windows but all players and devices, converting it to a more universal format like MP4 will be an ideal solution. The YouTube to MP4 converter supports over formats for all your video and audio format conversion from online and offline. The software makes full use of the multi-core processor and results in 30X faster conversion speed.

    Video editing, download, and recording are also supported. After successful download and installation of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, launch the software. By default, the Convert section will open.